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Plugin for Adobe Photoshop – Windows and Mac

Speed up your custom Photoshop workflow.

Build custom Photoshop panels: Tools, Menu Items, Actions, Brushes and Scripts with Drag-and-Drop.

Designed for PS

Drag-and-Drop Customization

Effortlessly add and arrange tools, menu items, actions, and more with a user-friendly Drag-and-Drop interface, streamlining your creative process in Photoshop.

Flexible Organization

Tailor your workspace to your style. Reorder, rename, resize, and color-code your buttons and containers for an organized and efficient editing experience.

Multiple Workspaces

Create and switch between custom workspaces designed for different tasks or projects, enhancing focus and productivity.

Seamless Integration

Enjoy up to 3 dockable panels that integrate seamlessly into your Photoshop interface, ensuring tools and commands are always at your fingertips.


For Photoshop 2023 and newer versions



This trial version is fully functional and allows you to try out all features. Settings will be reset upon restarting the plugin or Photoshop.



For Photoshop 2023 and newer versions



VAT excluded

With this lifetime license, you get free updates for one year. Once that period ends, you can keep using the latest version covered by your license indefinitely. To keep receiving new updates you'll need to purchase a new license.

Phenomenal Tool!

When I first got Configurator Reloaded, I thought, "this is neat, I'll keep it around". THEN, I started using it more and am astounded with how much capability it provides, the range of options, and how much it incredibly helped and made using PS easier. I'm using it more & more and really, I'm thrilled with how much easier it has made my workflow in Photoshop. This is the BEST add-in to any program I've ever had. Seriously, it is fabulous and incredibly useful for my carpal tunnelized hand. BUY IT! You'll be more & more impressed them more you use it.

Richard Goldstein

Saves me so much time!

This is so great.—The ability to have every tool I commonly work with in one place, right next to my layers and adjustments saves me so much time during a full day retouching. I arrange the panel from top to bottom with my work flow. Having buttons that run actions to set up my default layers to the tools I use for detail retouching. Then below all the output tools I need for saving files to different formats and colour profiles. Continue the great work Thomas!


Configurator Reloaded

Very functional. A real time saver. The shortcuts I've made to my favourite actions, tools, and plugins has had a huge impact on workflow. It's all consolidated, making it unnecessary to continually reorient to various options on the photoshop menubar and move the mouse all over the place to get to a specific, regularly used element. Particularly useful in a dual screen setup, such as mine, where the graphic material is on one screen with all the tools, actions, panels on the other. Certainly a product that I would recommend to anyone who spends time in Photoshop.

Johann Schutte

Configurator Reloaded Photoshop

Absolutely love it and wish I got it earlier so quick and easy. Well thought out for easy use. I would recommend it for anyone using Photoshop!

Jacquie Hebert

Wonderful tool

Although I have bought this tool a short time ago, I am sure it is worth every penny. Long ago I used Corel Photopaint, where almost everything could be put under a button, very flexible and time saving. Having to scroll down menus and submenus in Photoshop was a nuisance, certainly because I am right-handed and have to 'mouse' left-handed because of a neurological disorder right. Wonderful tool, this!

Hans van den Berg


What a great product - I find this essential in photoshop, which I use professionally day in, day out. It is ESSENTIAL to me.


Great product

Great product. Very handy!. Just configured it to use with my Blake Rudis's Linear Light actions along with my own actions.

Nick Franken

Excellent tool

Greatly increases productivity, very useful for custom scripts.. highly recommended


Great Product

This really helps me in Photoshop and makes it a lot easier to get to tools, filters and more. I really like it.

Richard Goldstein

Great Plugin

You will not run every feature it has. For years it has bugged me that Photoshop doesn't have a shortcut key for Rasterize Layer, you have to create an action or assign a hot key if you want to create a Rasterization fast method. It took me 1 minute when using Configurator to get my rasterize layer. Smart objects are becoming more popular again.

Gerald Thomas

Super fast and extremely easy

This is exactly what I needed. Have it configured just how I need it. Super fast and extremely easy. Thank You



Configurator Reloaded is one of the most powerful and time saving tools in Photoshop! I could not be happier with my purchase!

Rob Sigler

Photoshop Leveled Up

I'm using Photoshop for almost 15 years. Used a lot of extensions but this is really something new, and above all of them. I can use all my actions with a single button and making me faster. Hide a lot of panels and using them from configurator etc etc. Thx for an extension like this. Please make more and make us faster 🙂

Şafak Karabal

Really useful

Very useful tool for organizing my actions and other tools an a way that fits my workflow! Thank you so much!


Perfect for Illustration

When I use Photoshop, I always have a graphics pen in one hand, so I need quick shortcuts available to press with my other hand. Usually this is taken care of with the shortcut buttons on a graphics tablet, but when I had to move to a monitor with no physical shortcut buttons, Configurator Reloaded was a perfect replacement. With all of my most common actions grouped together on-screen, in the same place at all times, it's saving me tons of time.

D'Angelo Wallace

Amazing panel

One of the best add-ons to Photoshop out there for anyone who uses PS as a professional and needs to be efficient with their time, but doesn't like keyboard shortcuts and/or has tons of actions in their actions panel and hates the mess that creates. Great for people with OCD!

Mark Hazeldine

WOW - just WOW

What can I say? Thomas has REALLY excelled himself with Configurator Reloaded!!! What a well thought out and useful tool this is (one of the best I have ever come across) !! It is already paying dividends and helping to streamline my Photoshop Workflow. If you don't already have it - seriously - go BUY IT !!

Dave Wall Photo

Terrific tool!

Very handy and useful, easy to install, use and it saves so much time. Thanks 🙂

Robert Walker

Best thing with photoshop

I am happy to use it. Very useful and great. I hope I can use exported panel without counfigurator too in the future. 🙂



It is great. Does what was promised. Easy to install and easy to manage. I wish to have an option to create separate sets so I can put them in a different parts of the screen. Comment from Thomas: In Version 1.6 it's now possible to open up to 3 different panels!


Very nice

Very nice replacement for for the discontinued Adobe Configurator. Easy to install and easy to customise and set up.

Tony Swash

Great product !

I was ready to start developing an interface to manage my actions, tools and more. Then i discovered Configurator Reloaded. For a few euros, saving a lot of time in development, i bought this fantastic product. Everything is there to manage all my daily tools, and more. I can just highly recommend this great product !


Really nice Panel

Saves a lot of time, speeds up my workflow!


Great way to organize actions

It's a great way to get rid of a big pile of actions by being able to group them. Some more control to the button size will make this panels even more handy.


Perfect Tool

The tool is exactly what I was missing when working with my graphic tablet: Easy access to the most used functions. Well done!


Just Right

As a former Adobe Configurator user, I'd almost forgotten how convenient and efficient it is to be able to build your own panels. Thomas has done a great job in bringing back most of the functionality in a very easy to use and well crafted interface. Highly recommended if you spend much time in Photoshop at all.

Ron H

Just what the doctor ordered

This panel is supremely configurable to suit one's own particular way of working in Photoshop. The ability to drag in custom made actions is very welcome. So recommended !!

Nic Barlow

Great App

Easy to use and very helpful in organizing tools in Photoshop. Saves time and energy while processing.

Dennis Arculeo

Photoshop panel Configurator Reloaded.

Hi Thomas, I can tell you have put in a lot of time & effort into this panel. I am very happy with the panel. I'm still learning, but I am very happy with it. Keep up the good work. Kenny

Kenny Wright

Configurator Reloaded

The panel is great. Simple and intuitive in action. It gives you many creative possibilities. My congratulations.



This is a well designed and well made Panel. It is excellent for assembling a set of tools which are all associated with a specific type of Photoshop project, say, portrait retouching, or, generating HDR effects. It is really great if any of the steps in that specific workflow are Action-based. Everything required step-by-step can be assembled in a dedicated Panel, all in one place. Very fine (and highly recommended).

John Stevenson


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